Here are notes from the topics we have been discussing in our weekly meetings.  Select and click on a title below:

Learning from experience

Nirvana and other terms

Three marks of existence

Four noble truths (or tasks)

Eightfold path

Pratītyasamutpāda – dependent origination

Karuna, metta, ahimsa

Dharma & mindful meditation

Skandhas – the Buddhist view of the self

Karma & reincarnation

Transience, clinging, non-attachment

Maya, language & division

MIND – some Buddhist views

Śūnyatā – ‘emptiness’

Suspending judgement

Buddha nature, the unconditioned

 Sangha – learning, growth and realisation

The practice of awakening

The art of awakening and art education

Unlearning, transformation and mindful meditation

Ideal & actual – theory & practice

What do we mean by practice

Non-self – contingency – anatta

On death and dying


Suffering, craving and Fourfold Task

Joy & equanimity

More on ‘dependent arising’ – pratitya-samutpada

Belief, doubt & enquiry

Suchness – tathatā

Buddhism & psychotherapy

Enlightenment in everyday life

Contingency & conditionality

The Book of Eights

Language, Buddhism & meditation

More on the self

More on contingency & time

Buddha’s social teachings

Renewing society

Historical development

Theravada & Mahayana

After awakening??

Dogen, self, interdependence

Buddha’s life & times

A Buddhist perspective on eco-grief

Everyday awakening and self-construction

Interdependence – the relational universe

Minding – taking notice – taking care

Self & non-self – anatta

Buddhism & ecology

Race, caste & class

The practice of awakening

Hope or despair?

Free will

Zazen, clearing & compassionate disinterest

‘Do no harm’ – ‘take no shit’

Understanding & alleviating suffering

Developing a society that aims to alleviate suffering

Happiness, equanimity & non-attachment 

What is a Bodhisattva?

Buddha Nature, bare attention & ethics

Concentration, paying attention & peace of mind

In memorium – Thich Nhat Hanh

Anger – how can we handle angry thoughts & feelings?

Poetry & paying attention

‘Beholding the mind’ & awakening

Dogen & the Lotus Sutra

What is the ‘present moment?’

Mindful ethics – dukkha & sukha

Mindful appreciation

Mindful meditation, suffering and compassion