Our meetings – more detail

The Meditation Circle was established in October 2016 and the format of our sessions is evolving.
Currently we start with a 15 minute guided mindful meditation (zazen) followed by a brief discussion about anything that arises in the meditation. There is then a 20 minute silent meditation, another brief discussion, and then we focus on a particular topic or question about Buddhist practice (often including a brief Dharma talk). We finish with another short silent meditation.
Anyone can raise a question or suggest a topic for discussion – either in the session or via email (see home page).
An introduction is always given to mindful meditation for those who are new to the practice. Apart from the sounding of a bell at the beginning and end of sitting meditation, there is no other ritual.
Currently, the sessions are free.
Notes from the Dharma talks can be found under Meditation & Topics at right >