Mindful meditation, in its many forms, is a very important method of enquiry. It enables us to experience clearly and vividly, to understand what it is to be alive and to develop ways of reducing unnecessary suffering. Here I will post notes from discussions at our meetings and other short texts about meditation.        Select and click on a title below:

Notes on our regular guided meditation
Mindful meditation in everyday life
More on zazen

Changing states in meditation

Being mindful – minding – taking care

More on mindful meditation – Satipatthana sutra

Samatha and vipassana meditation

The process of meditation

Balance, poise, composure

Letting go – just sitting

Yet more on zazen

Tilopa’s advice on non-acquisitive meditation

Why practice zazen?

Dogen, Rujing & zazen

Non-dwelling unified attention

Zazen in brief

Being mindful – everyday Zen